Flooding is simply a fact of life in Florida. If flood damage hasn’t declared your home a total loss, you’ll want to act quickly to save your property. There are some things you can do to help you salvage your personal items and protect the structure from mold, mildew, and decay. By following the advice listed here, you’ll preserve your asset so that you can continue to sell your home for fast cash like you originally intended.

1. Prevent Damage Before a Storm
If you’re given any notice, do everything you can to protect the interior and exterior of your home. That means moving items to higher ground, securing important documents in a waterproof container, and sandbagging the outside of the home to prevent water from getting inside your home. Creating an emergency kit for each member of your family and pets is a good idea, as well, because you won’t have time to gather things once the water levels rise.
2. Carefully Assess the Damage
Only after you’ve been given the green light to return to your home should you be able to return. Proceed with caution as floodwaters make it very dangerous to enter your home. If the waters have receded enough for you to enter all areas of the home including the basement, take photos of the damage for insurance purposes. Wear protective clothing and heavy-duty gloves before handling anything.
3. Contact Your Insurance Company for Clarification
Find out exactly what types of damage your policy covers. In doing so, you’ll know what is covered and what you’ll be paying out of pocket to repair. This is something you don’t want to wait to do, so make it a priority so that it doesn’t affect the sale of your residence.
4. Start Cleaning Things Up Right Away
To minimize the amount of mold and mildew that typically occurs after a flood, you’ll want to start the cleanup process right away. Doing so allows you to protect areas of your home that are susceptible to further damage. It also makes it easier for you to salvage personal belonging that decay quickly when introduced to water.
5. Make As Many Repairs as You Can
If the damage is minimal, you’ll be able to make repairs easily without it affecting your home’s resale value as much. If it is damaged significantly, you have the option of paying to have a professional crew come in and repair things for you or sell your home for fast cash to Fast Sale Florida. We buy homes in any condition and even offer you the top price for your property right away.

You often have only a short window of opportunity to take care of flood damage before it worsens. It’s important for you to act fast! That way, you’re able to still sell your home like you originally intended to without costly repairs eating into the profit you were hoping to make by putting it up for sale.

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