If you find yourself in financial distress, then selling off assets in order to get your head above water is one of the most logical choices at your disposal. For anyone who owns a home, their house is generally the first option that comes to mind and even though moving can seem like a dramatic and life-changing decision, it is usually the right choice. Not only is your house the most financially valuable thing that you own, you may also be able to negotiate with your lender in order to gain more favorable terms.


One common example of this is a short sale. If you find yourself needing to sell your home in a hurry, you will likely realize that completing the traditional selling process is going to take too long. Between awaiting offers and handling negotiations, closing, and other technicalities, most homeowners tend to wait months before actually completing a sale and receiving funds.


For anyone aiming to stave off foreclosure, this is simply not feasible. Selling your home for less than market value in exchange for a fast, cash-only sale is one of the best options in such scenarios — but only if you can get your lender to accept that cash in exchange for offering more forgiving terms. Generally speaking, in order for that to happen, sellers have to meet three criteria laid forth by the vast majority of lenders:

1. You can demonstrate financial hardship
Lenders aren’t going to accept a short sale simply because you don’t feel like going through the long and arduous ordeal of a traditional sale. Showing proof of job loss, divorce, health problems or other causes of hardship is usually a must if you want your lender to come to the table and negotiate terms. In some cases, a job transfer, military deployment, or other extenuating circumstances can also help justify this move in a lender’s eyes — in the end, they would rather agree to a short sale than simply stop receiving payments all together!

2. Your Buyer Submits a Comparative Market Analysis
It is in your lender’s best interests to ensure that you are paid a fair amount for your short sale — which is why they tend to require buyers to submit a report on the local market. For this reason, most cash-only buyers are real estate investment companies such as Fast Sale Florida, not individual buyers looking for a residence.

3. You and the Buyer Follow Applicable Government Regulations Carefully
A lot of the regulation on the books is actually intended to help you, the seller! Laws are in place to ensure that the sale occurs quickly and that you are not taken advantage of due to hardship — so as long as you can find a reputable buyer, you should be in excellent shape to make a full financial recovery.


Make your Short Sale Easy with Fast Sale Florida

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