Often, selling inherited property in Florida is not as straightforward as many people believe it should be. In many cases, inheriting property coincides with the passing of a loved one. Of course, at such a stressful and upsetting time, making a decision about what to do with the inherited property, at a time of mourning, can be challenging.

Another common complication with selling inherited property occurs when other family members are also on the title. Not only that, the house can may be in a different state to you, leaving the home vacant. These types of complicating factors can make the process confusing and even overwhelming.

Selling inherited property is often the decision that makes most sense.

Why Sell Inherited Property?

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It can be easy to become attached to an inherited home. However, most people do come to terms with the fact that a house is just a material item. A house can be replaced, unlike your special memories which you get to keep forever.

Plus, there are many practical reasons for selling an inherited home. First, you have to consider all the costs associated with keeping it. Property taxes, home insurance, basic upkeep and maintenance, sometimes even a mortgage, all continue to accrue. Especially if the inherited house has a mortgage, ongoing expenses that you’d rather not have, quickly mount up.

Another big reason to sell an inherited home is when the home is shared between multiple inheritors. Selling the home can be easier than figuring out who’s going to live there or trying to share it by some other means.

Selling Inherited Florida Property In Three Simple Steps

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Selling Inherited Property #Tip 1: Consider Your Selling Options

The traditional route, where you compare realtors and hire the best one, is the first selling option that typically comes to mind for most. The problem with using traditional realtors is that it usually costs more money, and requires more time, than many people want to devote to their inherited home.

A traditional realtor will also want you to prepare the home for showing, by making repairs or renovations, before staging the home for a great presentation. Even after all that effort, there’s still no guarantee the home will sell quickly. Especially if it’s not in great condition or in a desirable location.

An alternative option is to sell your inherited home with a trusted cash buyer like Fast Sale Florida. A quick and easy Fast-Sale means that, when you sell with us, you don’t have to do any costly or time-consuming repairs. You can forget having to fix any damage or redecorating to attract a buyer. You simply get a fast, hassle-free sale, for guaranteed cash.

See how easy it can be to sell your inherited Florida house

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Selling Inherited Property #Tip 2: Sell Quickly To Avoid Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains taxes can take a significant chunk of money out of the final sale value of your inherited house. If you hang on to the inherited property for a while and the market value grows, you may be subject to capital gains tax. In contrast, selling the house quickly allows you to get all of the value out of the property and avoid paying the additional capital gains tax.

How To Sell Inherited Property Fast?

If you’ve decided to sell your inherited house, and you want to sell as quickly as possible, you’re in the right place. We’ve helped many families to sell their inherited property for a quick cash sale.

We buy all types of property. Whether you’ve inherited a 2-bedroom apartment or a two-storey house, we’re ready to offer you a guaranteed sale. That means you don’t need to worry about spending any money on repairs or staging the property for showing.

Unlike working with a traditional realtor, we are the direct cash buyers, so there are no realtor fees or closing costs. We don’t need to find an additional buyer to complete the sale, which makes the process extremely fast.

In fact, we can close in as little as 7 days. Which means that you, and any siblings, get paid right away. Plus, we handle all the paperwork for you, making the process as easy as possible. We understand that this is a difficult time and our goal is to give you peace of mind.

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