How Much Home Do You Need Now That You’ve Retired?

With an empty nest, you could easily live in a space that is better for retired life. 

As a retiree, there are many things in your life that have changed. In addition to no longer being employed, you may find that your current home is much larger than you need it to be. The utilities are high, and now that you’re living on a fixed income, it’s best for you to reconsider your living options. You may want to downsize and live in a smaller dwelling or move to be closer to your children and grandchildren.

Whatever the case may be, your large home may be too much for you to handle as you age. If your current living situation has you questioning the logic of in a space that is hard to upkeep, you’re in good company. Determining what feels right for your lifestyle and budget is an important part of long-term retirement planning.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Current Home

You may have some questions that you want to ask yourself about your current home and living arrangement. Knowing exactly how you feel about the house you’re living in helps you decide whether a move to a smaller residence would benefit you. When deciding what to do with your current property, make sure to consider the following things:

  • Is it easy to keep up with household chores or is there more house than you can handle? If you have to pay someone to do all of the housekeeping in your home because it’s too large for you to do yourself, it may be time to reconsider where you’re living. Think about how much time and money you save by living in a smaller residence.
  • Are the utility bills constant or increasing monthly to sums that are difficult to pay? Your income is now fixed so your expenses should be, too. If you find that your bills keep increasing because your electricity, gas, and water use, moving to a small apartment or home may be an option worth considering.
  • Can you keep up with exterior repairs and yard work? Hiring other people to take care of even the most basic upkeep costs money. Perhaps moving to a community that offers these services for free is a better idea. You can then save money for other things such as regular vacations and trips to see family and friends.

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