Have you inherited a money pit? Is your house in such disrepair that you can’t justify the costs in getting it prepared for sale? If the answer is “Yes,” then why not get a free no obligation cash offer on your home from Fast Sale Florida.

Skip the High Costs of Listing the Property with a Realtor

Selling a home in today’s market is costly enough on its own. Add realtor fees, closing costs, and property taxes, and you can end up paying up to 10% in fees on the sale price of your home.

Don’t Lose Time or Sleep Over the Repair Work That Needs to Be Done

If you are planning on selling through a realtor, they will insist that you do repair work prior to listing your home. Sourcing and managing builders can be a stressful job, if you have to manage the team remotely or you are still employed, this can be a job in itself and this can add further stress.

We Buy Homes Regardless of its Looks or Condition

At Fast Sale Florida we buy homes in any condition and because we are cash buyers you don’t have to worry about repairing the property for sale to appease traditional buyers with bank loans. We will pay a fair price for your home and can close in as little as 8 days.

We’re always looking for homes to buy which is why we offer a free no obligation quote. If you’re serious about selling your home quickly, we’ll schedule a free home inspection to see if the house matches the description. We will then make you guaranteed cash offer which you can accept on the spot, alternatively, you can decline with no hard feelings felt.

Make Great Money from Your Fast Cash Sale

We make meeting with us worth your time. We’re serious about what we do and buy homes around the state of Florida. We give people a simple, fast and effective solution without dealing with a real estate agency.

Sell the Inherited Home without Feeling Guilty

Move on with your life without guilt. Your loved one wanted to set you up with security. They’d be thrilled to know that you made good money off the sale of the home they left to you. You’ll have the finances to do work around your own property, take a vacation or pay for your child’s college.

We pay top dollar for the properties we buy. If you request a price quote and schedule a free home inspection, remember you aren’t under any obligation to sell to us, so what have you got to lose! Contact us today!

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