Why is Your House NOT Selling?

When you decide to put your house on the market and begin the next phase of your life you expect to sell your house quick. After all, this is your castle and others just have to see the value that they are getting for their money with your property. It’s important to keep in mind that you have emotional ties to your home that potential buyers won’t have so making sure you provide them with reasons to choose your home over others for sale in their price range should be your goal. Let’s look at some reasons that your home may not be selling as quickly as you like.

Does your home have curb appeal?

Walk out to the street and look objectively at your home. Does the landscaping need refreshing? Does your home have chipped paint or a broken swing that isn’t very inviting to potential buyers? All of these issues can be addressed in a couple of weekends to that you can sell your house quick and at the price that you want or need. Add a coat of paint, plant some new shrubs, or simply trim and remove some that already frame your home.

Do you need to update your home?

Today’s buyers like modern kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and a home that doesn’t need a lot of repairs. It is wise to see which repairs will give you a good return on your investment so that you don’t waste precious capital on upgrades that don’t pay off. Also, when you list your home, be sure to provide information about all remodels and upgrades that make your home more attractive to buyers. Having a home that’s move-in ready is a plus that many buyers seriously consider.

Does your home look too personal?

Your home should feature neutral tones and be free from clutter that makes the home look smaller than it really is. If you can store extra pieces of furniture, remove throw rugs, and store your belongings in a hidden space, the entire space will be more appealing to potential buyers. Remove personal photos, try to see your décor through a buyer’s eyes, and present your home as a property that could be moved into right away by any family.

Is your home priced competitively?

You may feel that your home is worth a million dollars but the price that you set for your home must be based on square footage, the neighbourhood, and the schools that are nearby. Also take into consideration the convenience to local businesses that are needed to run the household efficiently. And your home should be priced in line with others homes in your area that have sold.

So if you want to sell your house quick then contact the Fast Sale Florida team to help you with achieving a fast sale and a guaranteed cash offer on your property.

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