Refer A House Sale to Fast Sale Florida

Want to earn up to $1,000 and help a contact to sell their house in the process? Simply send us the contact details of someone who wants to sell their house.


+Do you know someone who may want to sell their house fast? Refer them to us and, if the deal is closed, we’ll send you $1,000. Easy money!

1. Give Us Contact Details

Simply fill out the form below, with your contact details and your referral’s details

2. We’ll Contact Your Referral

We will contact the seller directly to provide a quote for the property. Quotes are quick, 100% free and no-obligation.

3. Contracts Signed = Receive $1,000

If your referral accepts our offer, you will receive your referral payout of $1,000 upon closing the deal. Once contracts have been signed you will receive your cheque in the mail, or a cash transfer, the choice is yours. Simple!

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Referral Details​

+Trusted, Regulated & Licensed




Fast Sale Florida Referral Scheme Terms

  1. There is only one reward of $1,000 USD for each new customer introduced.
  2. The full name and address of the referral given on the initial referral form must match the full name and address of the final sale contract.
  3. By completing this form, I give Fast Sale Florida full authorization to contact the referral as noted in the ‘Referral Details’ section of this document.
  4. Contract must be signed between Fast Sale Florida and property seller in order for referral award of $1,000 USD to be paid to referrer as noted on this form.
  5. There is no limit to the number of referrals made.
  6. Rewards are only valid if your referral is not someone we already know (i.e. a current or past customer or prospect).
  7. In the event of referrals being received from different customers for the same person and property address, the referral that came in first will get the reward.
  8. We shall require your name, telephone number and email address for our records. We shall not pass these details on to any other third parties.
  9. Referrer and referral have to be registered at separate addresses. The referrer must not be an existing occupant of the property being sold. If this is found to be the case, Fast Sale Florida remain the right to make a final decision where necessary.
  10. In the event of any disputes regarding any referrals, Fast Sale Florida have the right to make a final decision where necessary.
  11. The payment of the $1000 will be made by Red Brick Developments Inc, within 10 working days of the transfer of title deeds being signed by all parties.
  12. For more information on the scheme, the rewards or to discuss potential referrals, please call (941) 209-5530 to talk to a member of our qualified team.