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We all know how expenses can rack up during the process of selling your home. Did you know that a realtor will take 6% commission on the sale of your home. For a home worth $120,000 that is $7,200, that is the first saving you will receive when selling your home to Fast Sale Florida, ‘Floridas Top Rated Cash Home Buyer’. You see we don’t collect typical real estate commissions off the sale of your home. This is only one of the reasons we started

You see we don’t collect typical real estate commissions off the sale of your home. This is only one of the reasons we started We want to save you the unnecessary costs involved in the traditional process of selling your home. Have you thought about closing costs? Repair costs? And maybe to encourage more buyers updating a couple of items in your home? How many more hundreds of possibly thousands of dollars will that cost you? Look we all know you are trying to sell a house not accumulate costs, so sometimes it is a far easier option to list it and run the risk of letting your house sit on the market, who cares if it takes three to six months to sell your home! But consider this…….

Just say you have a house that you purchased for $120,000.

A list of common Monthly Expenses

Plus the Closing Costs to Sell via a Realtor

Total Costs to sell $18,530

You see, sometimes it can be worth exploring other selling options and this is where Fast Sale Florida can assist, we offer you a no obligation fast sale cash offer on your house within 48 hours! We can literally save you the heartache and potentially thousands of dollars in the selling process and here is just a few other reasons why people decide to choose us as their Cash Home Buyer.

We at Fast Sale Florida know all about these unwanted expenses and that’s why we at Fast Sale Florida invite you to get your free cash offer and inspection on your home. You have absolutely nothing to lose! We will spare you the unnecessary closing costs, realtor fees and any other necessary costs to get the house in the ready sale condition that is generally required for sale and open home inspections.

Also, we have the ability to buy your home in 48 hours, which is significantly fast than the traditional means of going through a realtor agent. We can guarantee that no traditional real estate agency will get you a cash in hand offer that quickly for the sale of your home. They just can’t do it! But at Fast Sale Florida, we can! This is the biggest difference you will find between your selling through a regular realtor and selling to a cash home buyer. We just want to help you by achieving a fast sale on your home.

Another major benefit is our trained professionals, they are live and operate in Florida so no one knows the market better than them; they are even willing to provide you a cash offer on your home no matter whatever condition it is in. Yeah right you may say!! But seriously,whether you need your driveway re-cemented or painted. Even if there is structural damage to the foundations of your home we will still provide a cash offer to you. Does your house have flood damage? It doesn’t matter! So if you want to save cash and time selling your house then get in contact with Fast Sale Florida today!

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