These areas are especially susceptible to wind damage

A good windstorm is enough to unnerve any Floridian homeowner. To prepare for hurricane season, men and women take precautionary measures to protect their homes from damage. They do what they can to reinforce doors and protect vehicles but there are other areas of the home and their property that they sometimes neglect.

The following five areas are commonly damaged by wind. Regularly checking these wind hotspots on a property helps you determine quickly if damage has occurred. If the repairs needed to these areas are extensive and are too costly, it may be a better option to sell your home for fast cash.
1. Roofing
Shingles and tiles are susceptible to damage during windstorms. Gusts of wind rip them off and scatter them in neighboring yards. If there are many shingles or tiles missing, you may get stuck replacing your entire roof. This is especially true if the roofing parts were older and difficult to match.
2. Siding
High winds can peel siding that is made from wood or vinyl away from your home. Damage to the siding can significantly alter the appearance of a home. If it is missing and hard to match, your siding will need to be replaced in its entirety, which can be a significant expense.
3. Stucco
Stucco has the tendency to crack, chip, and even have holes in it when debris hits it during a storm. There also may be water spots that don’t go away, areas that extend below grade because of the water that is trapped in it. When your stucco is severely damaged, it can become difficult to repair and that can become costly.
4. Paint
This is the easiest repair to make. Keeping extra paint on hand for touch-ups is ideal. You’ll be able to take care of small to medium-sized fixes quickly and have professionals come out to take care of larger paint jobs that require more than one person to complete.
5. Windows
Not only do damaged windows look unsightly, they also cause problems because they allow dirt, dust, and pests to enter the home easily. If it rains and a window is broken, you could lose belongings because they’ve gotten wet. Windows are rather costly, too, if you have to replace more than one.

Selling a Damaged Home Quickly

The most common areas of a home to be damaged by wind can prevent you from selling your residence through the real estate marketplace. If not tended to quickly, the wrecked parts of a house can cause even more damage to occur. Before you know it, you’ll be stuck paying thousands of dollars to repair your home so you’re able to make it more presentable to buyers.

Fast Sale Florida buys homes in any condition. It doesn’t matter if they’re wind-damaged or decayed. We see value in your property and offer top prices on the spot after seeing your house in person. You’re then able to accept or decline our offer for fast cash.

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